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Press Release: MOE Relieves Edward Kpulun of Duty as CEO of Bong

The Ministry of Education hereby informs the public that Mr Edward J. M. Kpulun has been relieved of his duties as County Education Officer for Bong County for administrative reasons.

Mr Samuel Y. Koenig will continue acting in the role of County Education Officer until a permanent appointment is made.

Students, educators and communities in Bong county should feel welcome to contact Mr. Koenig on matters related to education, on 0886 629 516 or at the County Education Office.


For more information, please contact the Ministry’s Central Office on our public hotline, 0777 403 676, or by email at

Press Advisory: Investing in Education for the Future

In January 2016, the Government of Liberia announced an innovative public-private partnership in education, designed to raise the quality of public education by partnering with private sector operators.

As we work to create a strong foundation for education, the Ministry of Education invites all media institutions to participate in a conference which will provide an update regarding progress, challenges, and lessons learned from the Partnership Schools for Liberia pilot program, to date.

Her Excellency, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, and the Honorable George K. Werner, Minister of Education, will provide remarks, and school operators will present details on their individual models at the event.

DATE: Monday, February 20, 2017
TIME: 9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
LOCATION: Jackie’s Guest House, Ganta, Nimba

About PSL

Partnership Schools for Liberia (PSL) is a pilot program run by the Liberian Ministry of Education and selected non-state school operators, including international NGOs, private school operators, and Liberian organizations. PSL has one overriding mission: to provide every child, regardless of family background or income, access to high-quality education at no cost.

“We know that education is a long-term endeavor and more rapid results can only be achieved by departing from traditional structures. For that reason, we adopted the Partnership School system, with direct support from private partners, domestic and international,” said President Sirleaf of PSL, during her annual address to the nation on January 23, 2017.

The program is working collaboratively with experienced operators to establish schools that are hubs for innovation and educational excellence. If proven effective, PSL could unleash longterm change across Liberia’s education system.

As part of the program, 94 Liberian schools have been selected to be managed by non-state operators, in a randomized control trial. The schools will remain within the public sector, owned, financed, regulated and quality assured by the government, with support from external donors, and free to all students.

Ultimately, if the data is compelling, PSL will serve as a cornerstone of the Ministry of Education going forward, focusing on providing inclusive, quality education, improving the management of schools, increasing training for teachers, and fully implementing the Liberian National Curriculum, all while ensuring needed improvements to infrastructure are addressed, and that teachers and students are equipped with the materials they need to succeed.


For more information, please contact J. Maxime Bleetahn at +231 886 565 264 or email

Press Statement: Police Complaint Filed Regarding Cape Palmas High School Renovation Project

Photo by The Bush Chicken

The Ministry of Education has filed a complaint with the office of the Inspector General of the Liberia National Police, Col. Gregory Coleman, against Mr. Musa Kanneh, head of KAHA International Construction Company.  The company was awarded a contract for renovation work at Cape Palmas High School in Maryland county. Despite receiving 90 per cent of the payments for the US$94,000 contract (US$84,969), KAHA has failed to complete the work and appears to have abandoned the project.

The Ministry of Education sees this as more than merely a breach of contract: these funds have effectively been stolen from the students of Cape Palmas High and the citizens of Maryland county.

The matter is now in the hands of the police. Mr. Kanneh was arrested on February 7, and is being detained at the Liberia National Police Headquarters on Capitol Hill, pending investigation.

Photo credit: The Bush Chicken

Warning on Teachers Taking Up Other Assignments During Work Hours

The Ministry of Education is deeply concerned to see that some teachers from both public and private schools are abandoning their posts to work with the National Election Commission in the counties.

Any government teacher currently working for the National Election Commission is hereby directed to return to the classroom. District and County Education Officers have been directed to actively monitor schools to ensure that teachers are in schools and teaching. Should it be established that a teacher is working with another agency when he or she should be in school, that teacher will be dismissed, in accordance to the Civil Service Standing Orders.

All government teachers (at both public and community schools) and all Ministry of Education staff are asked to comply.

The Ministry also advises mission and private schools to heed this announcement. Mission and private schools are required to meet the Ministry’s requirements for minimum instruction time. If classes are being cancelled or schools closed, the Ministry will take action in line with its legal and regulatory responsibilities.