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2018 National Education Summit Commences

KAKATA, Liberia – Today, the Ministry of Education commenced the 2018 National Education Summit, which brings together a diverse group of local and international stakeholders to discuss the key priorities for education sector reform.


The Summit theme – “Prioritizing Education: Why We Should Care” – is aimed at conveying the collective effort needed to provide quality education for every Liberian child.


Following an introduction by the Superintendent of Margibi County, Hon. Jerry Varnie, His Excellency President George Manneh Weah will open the event, highlighting his administration’s Pro-Poor Agenda for Education Reform. Minister of Education Professor Ansu D. Sonii, Sr. will then present the government’s priorities for the education sector from 2018-2028. The findings from the recently-concluded Nationwide Listening Tour will also be presented.


The Summit will also include panel discussions on six key themes:


  1. Teacher Education & Professionalization
  2. Monitoring, Supervision & Assessment
  3. Learning Environment
  4. Science, TVET & Higher Education
  5. Stakeholder Engagement
  6. Education Financing


The panels will include participation from representatives of the World Bank, USAID, UNICEF, the European Union, and a range of other international and Liberian partners.  During the panels, there will be ample opportunity for stakeholders, education specialists, policymakers, business and community leaders, teachers as well as others with interest in seeing the Liberian education system succeed, to collaborate and shared ideas for improving the education sector.


The Summit will conclude with a synthesis of the discussions, which will form the basis of a refined strategy for the education sector.


Notes to Editors


Date:               21-23 May 2018.


Venue:             Booker Washington Institute, Kakata, Margibi County


Full Agenda:    CLICK


Contact:          [email protected]  / +231 777 403 676



National Award for Best Public School Teachers and WASSCE Students in Liberia

The European Union in partnership with the National Teachers Association of Liberia (NTAL) has launched a national award for the best public school teachers and students in Liberia. All public schools in the country are encouraged to nominate the best-performing teachers in Liberia for the academic year 2017/2018 in the following categories: 1) Early childhood; 2) Primary school; 3) Junior high school; 4) Secondary school; 5) Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET); 6) Rural Teacher Training Institute trainer/Teachers’ College teacher.


The top public school teachers’ nation-wide in each of the above categories, together with the best performing male and female students in the West Africa Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE), will receive a special recognition and award.



The identification process for the National Award for the Best Public School Teachers in Liberia will include different stages of evaluation proceeding from school to district, county and national level. Eligibility criteria for each category have been developed by NTAL and the European Union Delegation to Liberia


For more information on selection criteria and prizes, please click to download Full Press Release and Criteria selection documents


Ministry of Education takes swift and tough actions

MONROVIA, LIBERIA – In a press conference hosted at the Ministry of Education, Professor, Dr. Ansu Dao Sonii, Sr. lamented on recent concerns of malpractices during the WASSC Examinations and emphasized plans to continue the much-needed reform of the education sector.


Minister Sonii has ordered the administration of the “Mother Esther Newpan School” to dismiss a teacher who was caught in possession of photocopies of materials deemed illegal at the examinations hall.

Similarly, students who were found in the act of cheating were also disqualified and withdrawn from the examination pending further investigation which could result in 2 to 3 years ban from admittance to the WASSCE or WAEC.


As a result, Prof. Dr. Sonii admonished parents, students, school administration, the public, and media to get involved in discouraging and creating awareness against exam malpractices, as any such situation will be very detrimental to our country. He stressed the need for everyone to desist from promoting what is term as “feasibility fees” during these examinations period.


Additionally, Deputy Minister, Honorable Latim Dathong also warned schools administrators to desist from denying students the opportunity to attend classes due to lateness. He added that schools should institute on-campus disciplinary actions to discourage students’ lateness rather than ejecting students from school premise and denying them full-day learning.


In other related briefings, Professor Sonii had vowed to continue the path of reforming the education sector by employing mechanisms to improve key outcomes such as improving scholarship opportunities for Liberians; adequately preparing our students for WASSCE; school inspection; and the involvement of all stakeholders through a National Education Summit.

In a previous message, Professor, Dr. Sonii reminded, “the Ministry of Education and all of its key functions are public concern, and the Ministry remains obligated to frequently informing the public about its activities to avoid speculations and at the same time, ensure that stakeholders of the sector are cognizant of their responsibilities”.


Professor, Dr. Sonii further commented on the progress of the Ministry’s initiative to assess the state of the education sector. As part of actions to address the several concerns raised by the public since the appointment of the new officials at the Ministry of Education, the Minister outlined several plans and actions that are currently in effect, including opportunities for Liberians to empower themselves through Government’s initiatives:


Addressing concerns about Schools Operation

The Minister confirmed a nationwide school inspection headed by his team of Deputy and Assistant Ministers together with members of various Bureaus and Divisions within the Ministry. He further added that the outcome of the findings from the school’s inspection will help make a determination of remedial actions to be taken, thereupon.


National Summit on Education

Following the nationwide schools’ inspection, the Ministry has scheduled to hold an education summit in Mid-May of this 2018, to bring together a cross-section of stakeholders of respective communities in an attempt to craft measures to remedy challenges of the education sector.


Teaching Civics Education in Schools

Prof. Dr. Sonii announced the reinstatement of Civics Education in the curriculum of schools across Liberia. He noted that this measure takes effect immediately as of the next academic school year which begins in September 2018.

He added that one of the fundamental issues of national development is the absence of a full scope implementation of a nationalistic will; in the past, civics helped fixed some of those behavioral problems and gravitate our young minds to love country first.


Scholarship Opportunities for Liberians

The Minister also took time to inform the public as far as training opportunities are concerned that, there are available scholarships for Liberian students at the Masters level and above from Egypt, Indonesia, and China.  He encouraged students to frequently visit the Ministry’s or the Executive Mansion’s website to keep informed on developments of these opportunities. He also asked the press to extend this information to the public through their media houses.


Administration of West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examinations (WASSCE)

Prof. Dr. Sonii asserted that until the WASSC Examinations results are out and published no school shall have a “Thanks Giving Service”, which in truth has been a form of graduation exercise in a covert manner.

He urged all schools administrators to cooperate and forge towards building an education sector void of all the negative labels adjudicated to it in the past.

Download Press Release


For more information, please contact the Ministry of Education through email: [email protected].


Ministry of Education mandates schools’ authorities to remain open for instruction during the WASSC Examinations period

Public announcement: Schools Remain Open During WASSCE

The Ministry of Education of the Republic of Liberia reminds authorities of all primary and secondary schools operating in Liberia that normal classes are to be conducted during the period of administration of the West African Secondary School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) from April 3 to 20, 2018 under the conditions indicated.

  • All schools hosting the WASSC Examination and have adequate auditorium and classroom facilities to accommodate candidates for the exams and yet conduct normal classes for the other students should proceed and do both.
  • All schools hosting the WASSC Examination utilizing all classrooms for the administration of the exams are required to suspend classes for the other students for the entire period of the examinations.

Notably, all schools affected by these examination schedules and therefore closed during this period are required to extend the academic year by additional ten (10) days to cover for the lost instructional time.

For more information, please contact the Ministry of Education at +231 777 403 676 or email [email protected].