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Public Service Announcement for Scholarships to Morocco
Deadline 31 Aug 2018
Moroccan Government

The Government of Liberia, in partnership with the Government of Morocco, has made available 65 bilateral scholarships in TWO CATEGORIES: Undergraduate/Professional and Vocational Education at public Moroccan institutions of higher learning beginning 2018/2019 academic year.
Category One
Undergraduate and professional studies in the following disciplines: Medicine, Geology, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Computer Science, Maternal Health, and Child Health, Environmental Science, Laboratory Science.
Category Two:

Vocational Education or TVET training in Carpentry, Masonry, Pluming, electricity, Building Construction, Electronics, Computer Networking
Technician, Computer Programing Technician, General Mechanics, Manufacturing Technician, Electro mechanics of Automated Systems,
Refrigerator Repair Technician, Specialized Technician in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Industrial Electrical Maintenance
Technician. They aim to give a unique opportunity to Liberians to strengthen their skills and expose them to best practices and training in Morocco.
NOTE: Students will be required to learn the French language, and studies will be conducted in French.

Applicants must:
 Be Liberian nationals;
 Have graduated from secondary school not later than 2016, with strong science marks (80 and above);
 Possess secondary school average of “B” above;
 Have passed the WAEC with very strong science marks(3 – 4);
 Be between 17–22 years old at the time of application.
Eligible Liberian nationals must forward TWO COPIES of the following documents for consideration:
 An application form (to be picked up from the Division of Scholarships)
 An application letter by the candidate in which s/he mentions in order of preference courses and schools, clearly stating (address, phone number,
 Certified photocopies of high school transcript;
 Certified photocopies of high school diploma;
 Certified photocopies of WAEC or WASSCE Certificate;
 Photocopies of birth certificate;
 Photocopies of VALID passport (ECOWAS-Liberian Biometric passport);
 An UPDATED medical certificate issued by a recognized medical institution certifying the candidate’s physical aptitude, that s/he has received all
vaccines and is not affected by any contagious illness/pandemic such as tuberculosis. The candidate might be compelled to do another check-up
upon arrival in Morocco;
 Four recent white background (identical) passport photos in color with the full name and nationality of the candidate written at the back of each
 A one to two page summary of the reasons for wishing to undertake training in Morocco and how this training will benefit Liberia;
 CV (with a phone number and e-mail address listed);
 Two recent letters of recommendation (one professional and one academic);

PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: Candidates will be permitted to certify all requested documents when nominated within 24 hours (certifying of
requested documents is after all vetting process). No excuses will be granted for failure to provide requested documents such as birth certificate,
passport, applicants’ letters of recommendation, and a medical certificate which must be dated within 30 days. Applicants should adhere to the
closing date and time on this announcement, and applicants are strongly warned not to present any illegal or falsified documents for this
scholarship as measures will be taken.

Failure to complete the application requirements and submit all documentation requested BY THE DEADLINE will lead to automatic disqualification.
CLOSING DATE: August 31, 2018, at noon
For application details or inquiry: Visit; or
Applications should be addressed to:
Division of Scholarships
Ministry of Education
3rd Street, Sinkor
For inquiries, call 0776871512 (9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.)

Signed: J. Maxime Bleetahn
Director of Commumications & Public Relations

Approved: Theophilus A. Snorton
Director of Scholarships

See full requirements and apply